Fire Magic American BBQ - The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen
Fire Magic barbecues have been the market leading, premium deluxe BBQ, built in BBQ and outdoor kitchen designers in the United States for many years. For those looking for the highest quality natural gas BBQ, it is fantastic news that these gourmet grill products are now available throughout Europe turning your garden into the perfect outdoor kitchen.

Fire Magic don’t just offer a stunning range of contemporary stainless steel barbecues and beautifully crafted built in BBQ models for your outdoor kitchen, but they also have the most extensive range of BBQ accessories, side burners, warming drawers, trim kits, cupboard doors and tools. With this extensive range you can create a fully functioning outdoor kitchen.
More info at fire-magic.co.uk
IThe most known and oldest BBQ label is WEBER . High quality standards and a lot of accessories make the WEBER Grill to the most sold in the world.

You can choose from gas BBQ’s, Charcoal kettles or electric grills.

With the new “Barbeque Gourmet System” you turn your WEBER Grill into a multi-functional BBQ tool.
More info at weber.com
OUTDOORCHEF – The gas kettle barbecue with a flip funnel for healthy and versatile outdoor cooking
The Products of OUTDOORCHEF are characterized by a very high quality, as well as having a special innovative product technology.

A highly acclaimed design and detailed features – which were developed in Switzerland – make your barbecue an uncomplicated and comfortable experience.
More info at outdoorchef.com
Forge Adour - What is a plancha??
The plancha, or flattop grill, is a metal or cast iron plate which heats to a very high temperature thanks to gas burners or powerful electrical resistors. Food is cooked in direct contact with this plate. Whether in the backyard or the kitchen, the plancha is a unique and high-performance cooking method, and the perfect partner for both special occasions and everyday meals.

The plancha is well-suited to all types of cooking and can be used to prepare a variety of dishes, from appetizers to dessert: fish, meat, vegetables and fruit, etc. Food lovers will find the plancha to be the perfect tool for preparing all of their favorite dishes, from the simplest to the most elabo-rate. Using the plancha is a light and healthy cooking technique which limits the use of fats; the grease drawn out of the foods is collected in a special receptacle.

Cleaning a Forge Adour plancha is child's play! The enamel plates can be wiped off with water while the grill is still hot, or cleaned when it is cold using the "Tout pour la plancha" products. Then simply empty and rinse the grease receptacle drawer. Your plancha is ready for the next meal.
More info at forgeadour.com
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